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    Red face binary tree random access

    hello =D i've looking for some help using the search but couldnt get it.. i need to implement a binary tree and the usual funcions.. and i need a function that shows the in-ordern N element.. i could get it to work using a simple recursive function with a statis var (int printn(NODE *tree, int n))... it works.. the first time.. the second time it fails because the non-zero static variable..
    can any1 get a simple solution on this?

    any other comment on the code would be fine too

    and sorry for my (bad) english xD

    this code only need to pass a automatic batery test.. so dont worry about memory leaks and wrong input xD

    ty in advance
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    Well, one way to get around your problem is using something like a pointer to a variable that gets updated when an element is displayed. Something like

    int _printn(NODE *tree, int n, int *currentNum)
        if (!tree) 
            return 0;
        _printn(tree->left, n, currentNum);
        *currentNum = *currentNum + 1;
        if (*currentNum == n)
            return 1;
        _printn(tree->right, n, currentNum);
    And this function would be called from another function, to encapsulate the mess

    int printn(NODE *tree, int n)
        int i = 0;
        return _printn(tree, n, &i);
    Might work, didn't test. But this is not really good looking, there might be better way to do it.
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