Thread: Fixed Length Binary I/O

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    Fixed Length Binary I/O

    I have 2 integer in my structure
       int a;
       int b;
    i hv to write a fixed length binary format in a text file. but what i dont understand is how to do this particular problem. For example, if the value of a is equal to 48, it must be stored as 48 (in decimal)
    or 30 (in hexadecimal; in C: 0x30). It must not be stored as the string 48,
    occupying two bytes.


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    ...binary format in a text file...
    These two things are typically mutually exclusive.
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    use fopen with "wb" mode to open file as binary
    and fwrite to write a struct as binary
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    But, given that structure, if you're expecting say 00 48 to appear in the file as two bytes, then you need to do something yourself.

    Writing the whole structure in one step, whilst possible, it not portable. There are padding, alignment and endian issues which may get in the way of the result you expect.
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