Thread: Own lil' "database" ?

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    Own lil' "database" ?


    I'm looking for some kind of tutorial for writing a tool that does the following:
    It reads multiple values and compares them to a small database and then reads a string from the database which is assigned to the values.
    So lets say we gather val1, val2 and val3 with the program it would be cool to have a database file with a format like that:
    /* val1, val2, val3, matching string */
    0, 0, 0, "Stringallzero"
    0, 1, 0, "Stringval2is1"
    473, 2, 5, "Yet another string"

    The "," as separator would work for me as I won't have to use them in the strings.
    Can this be done somehow easily and can the performance keep up with a "in-code" database using switch() - which is my current solution:
    switch (val 1)
       case 0: switch (val 2)
    This is ugly and makes the binaries quite big...and the database can't be altered without re-compiling which is quite annoying, too...

    So if anyone has a piece of code or knows some good tutorial please let me know


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    can the performance keep up with a "in-code" database using switch
    Nope, opening a file and reading from it, will in most cases (certainly the first time) have to hit the hard drive, which is a slow operation. However, on modern computers you might well not notice a difference if the file isn't several Mb big.

    I assume that when you say database, you actually mean datafile. Have a look at the FAQ for information on how to read from files!

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    Instead of coming up with your own data format and then writing a parser for it, you should consider using SQLite, which is a relational database engine that can easily be embedded into your program.
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    I'd recommed berkely DB since you basically just want to map keys to string values. It can be run from disk or embedded as well.

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