Hi All
I have a process (A), written in C language, which talks to the another process (B) to get the data from it. Process A has different cases to do the services. For example, one of the cases are to get the value of a signal by providing signal name on the command prompt, the desired signal resides in process B.

Now what i want is to introduce some scheduling in Process A. For example instead of choosing one case and entering the data on the command prompt, i would like to a create a batch file, and run this file from the command prompt and this batch file will schedule the case 1 (which is to read the signal value from process B), lets say after every 30 minutes and then store the output into a file. So for example, i might have to add one more case in my Process A, which is to RUN THE BATCH FILE, under this case i should be able to run different batch files created, lets say for the sake of simplicity, i have one batch file created called B1. This batch file B1 should run the case 1 of the process A, who intiated this batch file, after every 30 minutes. and then store the output in a file.

I have two questions here, one how to build the batch file, second, would i be able to accomplish what i have described above?

I am totally new in writing batch files, if you can help me out in this i would really appreciated your time and consideration in this regard

Thanks in advance