Thread: Problem writing thread program in Solaris

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    Problem writing thread program in Solaris

    I writing a program creating a virtual circle with n
    threads, they execute one by one, printing their id
    and sending a signal to the next.
    Basically, I need to create n number of threads, each receiving a
    different parameter, zero to n-1, which is going
    to be each threadís id. I need to create an array of cond_t variables
    using malloc (n * sizeof (cond_t)). How do I make n number of threads?
    Also, am I using malloc correctly?
    This is the psuedo code I have so far:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <thread.h>
    #include <synch.h>
    mutex_t	mp;
    cond_t	cp;
    malloc (n * sizeof (cond_t));
    int main()
    	int i;
    	mutex_init (&mp, 0, NULL);
    	cond_init (&cp, 0, NULL);
    	thr_create(NULL, i, loop, (void *) NULL, NULL, NULL);
    	for(i = 0, i>n, i++)
    loop(void* arg)
    	if(id = 0)
    		printf("%s\n", id);
    		printf("%s\n", id)

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    Also, am I using malloc correctly?
    Nope. You have to call malloc() inside of a function. You also have to store its result somewhere. For example:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
        int *array = malloc(sizeof(*array) * 10);
        return 0;
    You also should free() the memory when you're done with it.

    Your code is full of syntax errors and such. You have a single '=' instead of '=='. You have undeclared variables. You may be printing a number with &#37;s. You're using commas instead of semicolons in the for loop. The loop itself has the wrong condition; you probably want i<n instead of i>n. You're missing a closing curly brace.

    I suggest starting over again. Get something that compiles and runs, and then try adding something. Writing a bunch of code that's almost right won't work very well. The errors and oversights will build up until you have a mess.

    I believe sleep() is in a different header file as well. Perhaps <unistd.h>.

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