Thread: Need help calling outside of main with arrays

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    Need help calling outside of main with arrays


    Working on a project for school and I am stuck. It is a program to calculate windchill and although I have it working, I need to call outside of the main program to calculate the mean and min_max values, which I have both in the main. Calling outside of the main is my weak-point for sure, and really need help help here. Don't mind the location of my declarations and stuff I will clean that up after I got this working how it should, haha.

    Basically, we need to use function prototypes:

    1.) double mean(double[], int)

    2.) void min_max(double [], int)

    And this is my program:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    #define INFO "data_5a_08.txt"
    #define N 10
    void info (void);
    int main ()
    info ();
    int T[N], V[N];
    double windchill[N], mean=0, sum =0, max = 0, min = 0;
    int k = 0;
    //file open
    data = fopen(INFO, "r");
    if (data == NULL)
    printf("Error opening file\n\n");
    		printf("Temp (F):	Wind Speed (mph):     Wind Chill:\n");
    		for (int k=0; k<=N-1; k++)
    			while((fscanf(data,"%i %i", &T[k], &V[k])) == 1);
    			windchill[k] = 35.74 + 0.6215*T[k] - 35.75*pow(V[k],0.16)+ 0.4275*T[k]*pow(V[k],0.16);
    			printf("%3i \t\t %3i \t\t %13.1lf\n", T[k], V[k], windchill[k]);
    		for (int z=0; z<=N-1; z++)
    			sum = sum + windchill[z];
    			mean = sum;
    		printf("\n\nAverage Windchill:%5.1f\n\n", mean/N);
    		//min and max chills
    		for (int y=0; y<=N-1; y++)
    					max= windchill[y];
    				else if (windchill[y]<min)
    					min= windchill[y];
    		printf("Max Windchill:%5.1f\n\n", max);
    		printf("Min Windchill:%5.1f\n\n", min);
    return 0;

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    The above shows some function basics, albeit in C++. It's very similar for C.
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