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    dealing with files.....

    ok, stripped down, this is what i use to save a player's game in my RPG:

    saveinfo = fopen(savename, "w+");
    if (saveinfo == NULL) {
          cout << "ERROR\n";         	//if it can't save game produce 
                                                    //an error
    else {			//write all records to whatever they 
                                                    //named the file
          for (a=0;a<276;a++) { fprintf(saveinfo, "%i\n", record[a]); }
    if (quicksave==0 && saveinfo!=NULL) {
          cout << "\nGame saved successfully.\n";
    savename is the variable for the name of the game that the player enters to save the game as. record[a] is all the different variables that are saved in the file.
    now, my question is this: i want to save all the games in a subdirectory of where the game is saved, say in a subdir called "saves". how would i do this if i dont know the directory that the game itself will be in? because it wont always be in c:/game/...i hope that makes sense. if anyone could give me some pointers i would appreciate it. thanks!

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    Here's a couple of ways

    1. Write an install program which prompts the user to enter the name of the dir where to install the game. This install program also generates a game.cfg containing the path to the saves (which you then read from within the game proper)

    2. use argv[0]
    int main ( int argc, char *argv[] ) {
        printf("%s\n", argv[0] );
        return 0;
    Some C runtime libs provide you with the full pathname of the executable.

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    thanks for the tips, ill look into em. never thought about the install thing...thanks again

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