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    Question about variables in structures

    Is there a way to write a general chunk of code and then have the program determine which variables to use depending on some condition?
    One thing I'm trying to experiment with is a combat system for a text RPG; I have all the enemy variables in a structure like

    struct enemy {
         int eatk;
         int edef;
         int maxehp;
         int ehp;
         int XPworth;
    and then several kinds of monsters declared with different values for each variable.

    What I'd like to do is have the program generate a random number and then send out a monster based on that; I have a general "battle mode" that has stuff like

    printf("You attack the enemy for %d damage!\n", patk-edef);
    ehp = ehp - patk + edef;
    printf("The enemy has %d HP remaining.\n", ehp);
    How could I make it so if, for example, a function returned a random number '2' (I know how to do this part), all the instances of 'edef' would be set equal to (for example) 'rat.edef'? I know I can have a switch or if statements than set edef = rat.edef but if I have more than a few monsters that seems like it would be quite huge
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    It depends on how/what you want to do. The easiest way is just an if.
    if (num == 2)
    	edef = rat.edef;
    If you want something more complex, you can use an array and initialize it:
    int myarray[]= { /* something */, /* something */, &rat.edef, /* something */ };
    /* ... */
    edef = *myarray[num];
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