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    Another loop question

    this is what i have done with my program but the value of the sum is not coming up and i need help on this.
    this is what the program should supposed to do

    write a program to calculate the sum of numbers. the user enter the starting number, the largerst number. and the step size of the numbers to be added. For example, if the user enters 5 12 2. the program will calculate the sum of:


    and it should input the TABLE of values in the format shown below:

    PHP Code:
    VALUE      SUM
    5          5
    7          12
    9          21
    11         32 

    The sum of the number is 32

          int a,b,c,t;
          for (a>=5;a<=11;a+=2)
               printf("\n%i",a );
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         for (a>=5;a<=11;a+=2)
    This should probably be:
         for (a=5;a<=11;a+=2)
    But you are also not performing any calculation in the loop.

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    i dont understand what kind of calculation i should make, but what i know is taht there should be a function that will scanf 3 numbers and call to main

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