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    Another String Question

    Can i do this:

    AString = (String1 + "and" + String2);


    Or is there an other way?

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    You can't write it that way in C. C has a very basic concept of string type, and almost every manipulation on a string requires a function call. In this case, you need strcat() to "concatenate" two strings.

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    Not in C. To add strings together use strcat, and remember that you need to set enough space aside to hold the resulting string. Example:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h> // for strcat
    int main()
        char result[255] = {""};
        char a[] = "String1";
        char b[] = "String2";
        strcat(result, a);
        strcat(result, " and ");
        strcat(result, b);
        printf("&#37;s", result);

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