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    Strange. Are you by any chance using a word-list generated by a Windows / DOS program on a Linux/Unix machine? That would explain the newline/carriage return problem.

    If so, you should use "dos2unix wordlist" to make sure the newlines are converted from CR+LF to LF only.

    Well, on my first attempt I was using Netbeans to create an empty text file which i added 10 words in for testing, and then on the second attempt I used the word list generated on unix.. Same results for both..

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    Sorry, but I don't quite follow. Are you on a linux/unix system? If so, you could use "od -x wordlist" to list it in hex format. If you have ANY "0d" characters in the file, then you have a file with DOS/Windows style newlines, which is not what linux/unix expects, so you will need to strip them.

    Modifying your strip functionality like this would do:
    for (i=0; i<sizeof(words)/sizeof(words[0]); i++) {
        char *p = strchr(words[i],'\n');
        char *q = strchr(words[i],'\r');
        if (q && q < p) p = q;
        if(p) {
            *p = '\0';

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