Thread: Send and Int Through Socket?

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    Send and Int Through Socket?

    Is it possible to send an int throug a udp or tcp socket program without casting it? I have an assignment and the requirments state "It is not acceptable to translate integers into a string for transmitting them over the network". I thought you could only send strings are items that have been casted to string? Am I incorrect and you can send ints without casting?

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    Try htonl().

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    In the final end what gets transmitted through a socket, thanks to the many layers of
    abstraction provided by the network protocols, is raw bytes.
    Whether the receiver chooses to interpret them as strings, or ints, or floats or whatever
    data structure the receiver deems necessary is the receivers responsibility.
    So yes, just send the int using htonl to place the bytes in Network Byte Order, and
    use the correct size and address for the send, and you are finished on the sender's side.
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