Thread: sizeof / strlen which one?

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    sizeof / strlen which one?


    I have the following:

    function (char *message) {
    printf("sizeof(message) is: %d", sizeof(message));
    printf("strlen(message) is: %d", strlen(message));

    char line_buf[300];
    fgets(line_buf, sizeof(line_buf), stdin); // message entered at stdin: "the cat sat"
    And I get the following at runtime:

    sizeof(message) is: 4
    strlen(message) is: 12

    Why is the sizeof(message) returning 4 and how do you correct this?


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    You failed to specify a return type for your function. And further, you return nothing either, so it's undefined behavior. Add "void" to the return type.
    Anyhow, this is not something you can "fix." You are trying to get the size of a pointer, and on a 32-bit machine, the pointer is always going to be 4 bytes.
    Strlen inspects the string by iterating through it until it finds '\0' and returns how long it has traversed the string. In other words, it finds its length. Sizeof does not.

    You're not going to be able to find the length or size of a buffer from a pointer. It's not possible. The usual way around this is to pass in an extra argument with the size.
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    sizeof returns the size of the char* which is always 4 (on your system), so it is correct.

    When you pass an array to a function, it degrades to a pointer and you cannot use sizeof anymore to determine the size of the original array.
    I might be wrong.

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    Thanks guys. I'll just use strlen. It seems to work.

    I just made up the example in my post. I didn't bother to copy my actual program as it would take too long, so just ignore the lack of return and return type


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