Thread: sorting an array of numbers in C

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    sorting an array of numbers in C

    Say I have an array (num[3]) that holds 3 numbers. How could I sort those numbers in order from highest to lowest and store them in individual integer variables (highest, middle, lowest) using C? For example:
    int num1 = 5;
    int num2 = 4;
    int num3 = 9;
    int num[3];
    int highest, middle, lowest;
    num[1] = num1;
    num[2] = num2;
    num[3] = num3;
    And sort it so that highest = 9, middle = 5, and lowest = 4.

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    You would do some comparisons. Try and work it out on paper, or perhaps by using some pens of different lengths to help you see the solution.
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    It only takes 3 comparisons and exchanges, and is called a "three input sorting network".
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