Thread: is it possible to generate wav file using C Language? How ?

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    Question is it possible to generate wav file using C Language? How ?


    i am using Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1, i can successfully generate Voice of given Text, i don't know how to generate wave file of that generated Voice.

    i am new in Multimedia area. i want to know that is it possible to generate Wave file using C code. can anybody guide me, or provide me link from where i can get better idea to generate wave file using C

    i am using windowsXP, VC++ IDE.

    can anyone guide me.

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    It is possible? Yes. Of course it is.
    Now. What do you want to create? Do you want to record something? Do you want to generate instruments, an orchestra, or something?
    WAV is a format that is intended to store real sound waves in digital format.
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    It looks like the function ISpVoice::SetOutput() can be used to direct the output to a "stream", which could be a file if I understand things right - but I've never used this SDK at all, just looking at the help file.

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