Thread: how to validate memory allocation

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    how to validate memory allocation

    Anyone help me to validate memory allocation using malloc function for the following code

     int i,j,*page[16],u=0,p;
     int *array1[4];                                                                                                                           
         array1[i] = (int *)malloc(16*sizeof(int));
    thanks in advance

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    What do you mean "validate"? If you want to check whether an allocation succeeded, just check against NULL:
    int *p;
    p = malloc(50 * sizeof *p); /* cast is not necessary */
    if(p == NULL) { /* oops, the allocation failed */ }
    Also, the correct conversion specifier for printing out a pointer is %p, not %u. And here a cast is required to be completely correct, as %p requires a void* (so it follows, of course, that void pointers themselves needn't be cast).
    /* above code, then... */
    printf("%p\n", (void *)p);

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