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    Write a C - program that will encrypt a given text in the following manner. For each line of text
    i) Convert each character to ASCII equivalents
    ii) Generate a positive random integer
    iii) Add the integer to ASCII value of each character
    iv) Let A1 denote lowest permissible value in ASCII code & A2 donate highest permissible value in ASCII code. If the integer generated in step iii, exceed A2, then subtract A2 from the integer & add A1 to the remainder, ensuring that the number will remain between A1 and A2. and
    v) Write out the encryted character.

    I'll be highly oblized for the kind help of your's.

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    No offense, but where's your code, Mr. Programmer?
    #include <cmath>
    #include <complex>
    bool euler_flip(bool value)
        return std::pow
            std::complex<float>(0, 1) 
            * std::complex<float>(std::atan(1.0)
            *(1 << (value + 2)))
        ).real() < 0;

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    What exactly are you stuck with. Your instructions seem simple enough.
    One word of advice is that unless you post some code of your own to show that you have at least had a good go at this on your own you will get little or no help here.
    Free the weed!! Class B to class C is not good enough!!
    And the FAQ is here :-

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