Thread: using qsort with structures

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    using qsort with structures

    Does anybody know how to use qsort or any other ansi c sorting function with singly linked list?

    For example consider the following structure.

    typedef struct message {
    int messageId;
    char * messageText;
    struct message * next;
    } message;

    Couple of days ago I posted some questions about my unsuccessful attempt to implement my own sorting regime but I couldn't get help with it.
    So please don't treat this thread as duplicate.
    If you are interested in helping with my implementation got to this thread

    Thank you,
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    I think there is if you google, an implementation of mergesort. And also for singly linked lists i don't believe it gets any better. You could also check out the website of iMalc one of the fine members of this forum. He really has sorted out everything about sorting, so you might get a good idea how it should be done.
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