Thread: unicode character recognitions

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    unicode character recognitions

    i want to write a program which prints the Unicode character equivalent to that code...

    for e.g.
    if i assign '\u0041' to a variable and then print it...then the output should be A

    Is there any compiler which takes \u as an escape sequence and thus understands that hex number following it is the hex code for a unicode character ...

    nd is there any way i can print Unicode character on a windows console using a C program...

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    to make myself more clear.../
    i want an equivalent of
    var my_var = '\u0041';
    //it is a JavaScript code...and will print A

    in C....

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    This is not complete, but shows how you do the part your Java example shows.

    #include <wchar.h>
    #include <stdio.h> 
    wchar_t wc;
    wc = 0x0041;
    wprintf("%C", wc);
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