Thread: convert string of binary to Char

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    convert string of binary to Char

    Dear experts,

    May I ask how can I convert a string of binary eg "01100000" into a character type which is a?

    Thank you in advance

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    This does sound like an assignment question, so I'm not going to post a direct answer [and even if it isn't, you'll learn a whole lot more by solving it as an assignment where you do the work, and we give you hints].

    By the way, 'a' is 01100001 in binary (using ASCII or related character set).

    So have you got any idea on how to work this out?

    How would you do it if you had a pen and paper and an ASCII table with the values in decimal [e.g. 97 'a']?

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    Here's a hint: Once you have the string converted to a numeric equivalent, you've got the answer.

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