Thread: String accumulator?

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    String accumulator?


    i was wondering if anyone knew what was meant by a string accumulator? Googled it but didnt get any good results.

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    Accumulator: A register that holds the values of Arithmetic and Logic operations on early CPU's that had only one register.

    String: A sequence of 8-bit values encoding either single-byte or multi-byte characters as interpreted by the Operating System, with either a terminating character or prefixed length to denote the sequence length.

    My defintion then:
    String Accumulator: A register composed of an arbitrary number of 8-bit quantities, that stores the result of Arithmetic and Logic operations, the value of which must not create sequences that fall outside the range of the encoding imposed by the Operating System.
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    "String Accumulator", my definition:

    A vague term that needs further context and explanation.
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    Thanks for your help guys, least i have some kind of idea now. Something i read mentioned the use of a string accumulator, so i just wanted to have an idea.

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