Thread: question regarding accessing variable values

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    question regarding accessing variable values

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anybody knew if it was possible to initialize the value of a variable to a few letters plus a value that itself is stored in a different variable.

    For example (the exact example I'm trying to do!), lets say that we're trying to keep track of the location of a character on an x and y grid. Variables currentx and currenty represent the characters current location, and I want to save, to an array, the value room(currentx)(currenty).. so assuming the character was on spot 13, I would want to save room13 to the array.

    I hope I managed to explain that in a way that made sense.

    Thank you for your time! Any thoughts are appreciated!

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    I believe you're asking about creating a string, but I'm not certain. If not, this answer probably won't be useful:
    char location[64];
    int x = 1, y = 3;
    sprintf(location, "room%d%d", x, y);
    sprintf() is just like printf() except that instead of writing to the standard output, it creates a string and writes that to the first argument. There's danger involved with sprintf(): it doesn't know how large your array is so it's possible to have an overflow, which is bad. In your code you know that x and y will never be larger than a particular value, so sprintf() can be used safely. That is, if your grid is 10x10, you know that the longest string you can make is 9 characters: room1010 plus one more character for the string terminator.

    If you use sprintf() just remember that it is dangerous. There is a replacement called snprintf() that is safe, but it's not as widely available as sprintf().

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    That's exactly what I was trying to do.

    Thanks so much!

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