View Full Version : Sugguestion on choosing my modules

08-27-2007, 05:44 PM
I have been totally confused in selecting my final year modules. I am almost done, but not with these two modules that is

1. Formal Aspects of Computer Science
2. Artificial Intelligence

I am like which one to choose. What do you people think about these two modules. Have anyone done AI before. How do you feel about that module? Do you think it is worth doing it and it would be helping in the future in terms of career and all.

Or do you think Formal Aspects of CS is good. I have done part 1 of this module in my 2nd year, the module was OK it is all about B-METHOD. I dunno if anybody had done it. It is pretty interesting. Is there any on out there who uses B-METHOD in the industries. On what application do you really use it for.

Thanks a lot.