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01-11-2002, 07:10 PM
Welcome to DavidP's in depth analysis of the word ARGX!

argx has derived from several different places. Its roots lie in the latin word arguo, which means:

arguo -uere -ui -utum [to put in clear light; to declare , prove; to accuse, blame, expose, convict]. Hence partic. argutus -a -um: to the eye, [expressive, lively]; to the ear, [piercing, shrill, noisy]; of omens, [clear, significant]; of persons, [sagacious, cunning]. Adv. argute, [sagaciously].

From the word arguo, along with another Latin word, argumentum, we get such words as argue, arguement, aggravate, etc.

From the word aggravate, we get the word arg, which is also commonly spelled as argh. Both spellings are considered correct, and are equally used.

From the word arguement we get two words, used only by programmers: argv and argc. These two words are used much in the way of programming, and are clearly derived from the Latin argumentum:

argumentum -i n. [argument , proof; subject, contents, matter].

Finally, we go through one more change in the words, to receive the now widely used word of argx. Several people began to use argh, argv, and argc together, in an expression much the same as argh is alone. The use of the words in this way was started by a revolutionist named doubleanti. As time went on, the public tired of using all three of these words and condensed them into the new word of argx, x being a variable standing for h, v, and c at the end of each arg.

Therefore, all the way down from Latin, over thousands of years of history and development, we have finally reached our beloved word of argx.

01-11-2002, 07:20 PM

Takes them that long to figure out the programming language. Tsk tsk... Programming is powerful - a lot of aliases.

01-11-2002, 10:43 PM
I always thought it was just something Garfield yelled when he saw a spider.