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11-09-2006, 01:41 PM
All of you guys, G.R.I.T.S. (and from other parts of the world), and anyone that doesn't cover. . .

I have apparently completed my windows project. . . or at least the boss hasn't found anything wrong with it yet.

Attached is the binary of the program and also a data file that one would need to see anything on the program. For those of you who are trusting, this exe will create one location on your hard drive %Program Files%\Techmon. There it will store data files.

If any of you have a free moment (yeah, right. . . ) or just want to find anything wrong with my program, OR just want something else to do other than your real life. . . please download and execute this thing and let me know if there is anything you would do to improve it. We have already released this version as Beta (http://www.techmoninc.com/downloads.html) and haven't had any complaints from it, but I'd like for some experianced Windows programmers to comment on it, if you have the time or inclination.

Some known issues:
1) Rescan. I was unaware that redrawing pixels was a bad thing, until I read some thread on this forum, however, by that time it was too late for me to fix it. I probably won't.
2) Occasionally there is a line swap on the left pane. I think I have fixed this, since I haven't seen it in a while, however, I don't know how I fixed it so I assume that it is still broken.

What the program is for/does:
This software works in conjunction with a product that we have designed. . . a product that most of you will never see. We have an embedded system that we have added to an embedded system for the US Army. This program graphically displays a Chromatogram, which, for those of us who aren't Chemists, is a collection of data from a photo multiplier tube (PMT) signal after there has been a flame analyzation of a sample of air. What???? Okay, here is the deal, these units are in a detector that is looking for either GB (Sarin), VX or HD (Mustard). These chemicals generate an electrical signal that I capture. This signal can be seen in the upper right corner of the program.

The format is fixed and was defined by the boss, so I cannot really change that, but I'm open to suggestions for just about anything else.

The file TMRIAdacsViewer.txt is the exe and should be renamed as such. Likewise, the 09.txt is a tar ball.

Thanks in advance for any comments you may have.