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01-09-2002, 09:38 PM
Okay...there are lots of types of networks...

One type is where you simply network two computers together so that they can share data on drives.

Well, I have a question about this.

Lets say you have two computers that are networked together to share stuff. Both of them have 56k modems that are hooked up to the same phone line. Obviously only one of them can get onto the internet at a time, but since they are networked together, can you connect to the internet using one, but still use the internet on the other even though its not connected but it is networked to the one that is connected?

01-09-2002, 10:17 PM
well, if I got it right, one has a modem (it doesn't matter if the other one has one or not), and they are connected in a LAN. It is called Internet sharing!, you use what is called a Proxy server and configure the other computer for using proxy. The one I suggest is WinGate, it is commercial, but you can use it for free for 30 days (or something like that).

If you want to use the connection of the other modem if they're on the same phone line, I don't know, but good idea, though!


01-10-2002, 03:48 AM
I had to buy a full copy of Wingate to get the DNS server to work properly (allowing full internet sharing), the trial version would not work. This was a few versions ago so may have been fixed. Have had some minor problems, mainly incompatibility with other code, but overall very good program, some great internet use tracking.

One PC is usually the server, with the internet connection, so I don't know if you can swap which is connected to the net without a reboot.

There is a internet sharing in Win98 but use it at your own risk.

01-10-2002, 10:12 AM
Windows 2000 does the ICS (internet connection sharing) a little better than '98.

01-10-2002, 12:03 PM
>>>Windows 2000 does the ICS (internet connection sharing) a little better than '98.

Oh really... how?

Perhaps you mean it is easier to configure... but better... nah.

Davidp... did you get your compaq going? Second... what kinds of OSes are you wanting to use to do the ICS (IP packet masquerading). More importantly... what is the OS on the computer that you want to connect to the internet with? (realize this computer may have a slight performance loss if you have ICS enabled and have multiple computers utilizing the sharing.)

Essentially... it goes like this... 98/ME/2000/XP has ICS inherent. 95, you can do as osk recommends.

01-10-2002, 05:16 PM
okay betazep...heres it all...

I havent gotten the Compaq CDROM working, so I have yet been able to install Win98 back on. I was planning on networking the computer I am on right now, which is the family computer, and has XP on it, with my computer in my room, which right now is the Compaq that is broken, but will hopefully have 98 on it again soon.

My plan was for both of them to have 56k modems, and be hooked up to the same phone line, so if one was connected to the internet, then both could browse. Therefore if my dad needed to use the internet on the family computer, I could go upstairs and also use it at the same time on mine in my room. So no matter which of the two computers is currently connected, I want both to be able to use the net.

Meanwhile, back to the Compaq situation. After much toil and labor, I have two options left. I can:

Take out the current HD, put it in one of my 95 systems temporarily, ghost the 95 system to the HD, and put it back in my computer.

That might work, but I have yet to do it. Write now I have opted to be a little more ancient.

I have installed Borland Turbo C++ 1.01 on the computer (using diskettes of course). Turbo C++ 1.01 is very ancient...it doesnt support inline assemble and doesnt have support for templates...but I am making a very basic graphic OS using it. Right now it is using a 640x480 screen in BGI graphics with supposedly 256 colors, although I can only see 16...if anyone knows how to get into 13h without using inline assembler, please tell me.

01-10-2002, 05:50 PM
This is what my Computer Architecture and Org teacher told me which I hadn't thought of...

Run the win98se boot disk on the computer again, but this time on your XP machine (the one that you downloaded the compaq setup disk maker to). Start without cdrom support. Try running the f10setup_maker executable from the command line and use two blank floppies to create your compaq f10 setup boot disk and diagnostic disk. Then boot with your f10 setup boot disk and it whould create the appropriate 3meg non-dos partition with the f10 setup utility on it. Then you will have access to the cmos/bios. Verify that you cdrom is enabled (which he suspects that it still is... much like Justin did) in the bios. He said that the compaq boot disk may have the appropriate drivers to make your cdrom work as well. See if you can get your f10 setup problem done first... then let's worry about the rest.


01-10-2002, 06:09 PM
k...thanx for the advice...the just might work....

01-10-2002, 06:46 PM
okay, i tried it....

there is good news and bad news.

The good news is:

I got into BIOS.

I was finally able to get in! Woohoo!

Its like way different than any other BIOS I have ever seen...its so Windows 3.1ish....

Anyways, so I searched my way around the BIOS and went into the storage devices section.

It had 3 areas:

Drive A, Drive B, and Primary Hard Disks.

Drive A held the status of 1.44 MB diskette drive. Drive B held the status of not installed, and did not have the option to become a CDROM drive. Then in the primary hard disks section was my hard drive. There was no place anywhere reporting the CDROM at all. Its almost like it never existed in the first place.

Any suggestions? Right now I am thinkin of ghosting one of my 95 systems to the Compaq HD....

01-10-2002, 07:30 PM
Look physically how your IDE Cable is connected to your HD and CDROM. If they are on the same cable, then you will have an option for two devices. One will be the HD, the other needs to be autoselect if there is one. (You may have a bad cdrom dude.) There may not be an autoselect option. I recommend that you play around with your bios some more to see if you can figure out more info. I also recommend that you see what tools are on the second compaq diagnostic disk.


01-10-2002, 07:32 PM
Oh and it is possible that your bios doesn't recognize your cdrom. Did you try that ultimate boot disk that Justin offered?


01-10-2002, 10:12 PM
Okay, I have had big breakthroughs within the past few hours. I will relate the entire story...

I decided to take the HD out of the Compaq and hook it up to another computer and put Windows on it from there.

So I got out the ol' screw drivers, made my room messy with good ol' computer parts by opening up computers :) and put the HD in one of my 95 systems.

So the first thing I tried to do was install Windows 98 onto the HD, but it hated me...and supposedly it was just the update version of 98...not the full version...so that wouldnt have worked.

So then I tried installing Windows 95...but that caused problems because Windows 95 was installed on the other hard drive on the computer I was using, so when I tried to change the directories of installation, it said I could not do that inside Windows, I had to do it in DOS. So I booted to DOS and entered setup, but then inside DOS my hard drive wasnt able to be recognized at all for some odd reason. Probably because I had just quickly hooked it up to that computer and not done any special partitioning, etc...

So then I took the Windows 95 CD and copied the entire CD over to my hard drive. :)

So then I took my HD back to my Compaq computer, plugged it back in, and booted it up. I ran setup for Windows 95 once it was booted up. Everything was going great. It was doing everything perfectly. Then the product ID # check came around. I had no worries, because this copy of Windows 95 was perfectly legal. I even had ANOTHER copy of Windows 95 that was perfectly legal, and so I had TWO perfectly legal product ID #'s just in case one didnt work for some odd reason.

Well, for some odd reason, NEITHER PERFECTLY LEGAL product ID #'s worked. That got me mad.

So then I called my friend and asked him for any Windows 95 ID numbers he had...he gave me about 10...i tried em all...none of em worked....

So both LEGAL and ILLEGAL product ID #'s have not worked....what the heck am I supposed to do?

By the way, I discovered something about my Compaq computer, which might help. As I was copying the Win95 cd to the HD, I was looking at the motherboard inside my Compaq. Well, a couple months ago I had installed an old 16-bit sound card into the computer from an old Gateway we still have, but it has a better sound card in it now. So I was looking at this 16-bit sound card, and I saw some pins on it. One set of pins said, "CD Controller" and another, I assumed, was a diskette controller. This made me excited. Is this CD controller specially made for some use with the sound card or is it a free CD controller that I can hook a CD rom up to? If I can hook up a CD rom to it...I surely have an extra CDROM that I could hook up to that CDROM controller and something just tells me in my mind that for some reason that CDROM controller would work....think a CDROM could be recognized from it?