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01-05-2002, 05:41 PM
How long does this board, keep a thread on the site. How long before all thread all deleted? I've always wanted to know this.

01-05-2002, 05:48 PM
i think it depends on how you set the board up but the posts from the past year is an option in display posts, ive just downloaded vbulletin so ive not found out yet.

01-05-2002, 05:51 PM
I don't think threads are deleted in any case. The moderators have the option to delete threads, but we don't use it. Threads that violate the board rules are backuped to a 'deleted posts' board.
Normally, the page is sorted by last reply. So when a thread doesn't get replies anymore, it slowly goes down until it vanishes from the page. You can still find old threads by using the search feature provided.

01-05-2002, 06:47 PM
do us mortal visitors ever get access to the deleted threads database?

01-05-2002, 06:49 PM
Nope, if it's anything like flashdaddee then it's a sub-board of the mod board. Either that or it's its own private board. In other words: no normal members.

01-05-2002, 07:11 PM
Actually, the deleted post board is kept on a super secret (well, it was) server on Pluto's 3rd moon. What's that you say? "Jeremy, Pluto has no moons!" Ha! That's what you think. Just goes to show how effective we are at hiding things.

01-05-2002, 07:14 PM
So far the only deleted items are on a deleted messages board. It is not open to nonmoderators. All other threads are still online in the database. At some point in the future it may become necessary to delete threads in order to save server space, but we aren't near that limit yet.

01-05-2002, 07:22 PM
>do us mortal visitors ever get access to the deleted threads database?

Well... it wouldn't be 'deleted' if it were open, right ? ;)
Actually, you don't want to look in there, it's like the junkyard of the boards. It's just there to have a way to remedy mistakes. Even moderators make mistakes sometimes. But up to now, no thread made the way back, all were junk.

01-05-2002, 07:58 PM
Um, what about those threads that seemed to diseaper, but were not in the deleted messages board. ?

01-05-2002, 08:33 PM
Hey this Webmaster guy is the one that can make one of my many dreams come true...you know what it is if you read the other thread on this board..............but I think he's read it too and doesn't want to.......why? why? oh :( :( :D :D

01-05-2002, 08:41 PM
unless you demonstrate some sort of astounding quality and a position opens up...you're not gonna be a mod here. No offense.

If it was as easy as you think it is, we'd all be mods by now, lol. Well, at least us members who've been here since the old board....

01-05-2002, 08:54 PM
How do you change your thingy you know the one that says "special".....how do you change that?

01-05-2002, 09:46 PM
The ability to change your title is a privilege that users with 400+ posts get. It's one of the few privileges that many posts will get you. (Though please no posts just for the sake of raising your post count, see the SPAM announcement for questions. I'd really not have to address that topic again).