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01-04-2002, 05:22 PM
So it sems like C++.Net will be about 100$ and C#.Net about 110$. I think I will go for it .That isn't that bad for playing around with one of the nicest SDI's there is. Much rather spend my money on that instead of upgrading from W2K to XP. Now the full blown enterprise edition is a totaly different story.

01-04-2002, 07:56 PM
That sounds resonable for compilers.

01-04-2002, 11:21 PM
Just wait for C# to come out on Linux. (Isn't it?)

01-05-2002, 01:23 AM
I think he is talking about the development software. That is one point where Linux loses sorely, especially with a new langauge like C#.

01-05-2002, 09:09 AM
>>Just wait for C# to come out on Linux. (Isn't it?)<<

Well, they're either writing a framework or an SDK...maybe both. But without the SDK you can only run C# programs, not build them.

01-05-2002, 02:50 PM
Could someone explain this C#.NET to me please, what is this, the only thing I know about this is that it's another programming language based for web applications, and even this I am not sure it's right.