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01-04-2002, 10:58 AM
Id like to announce to everyone some exciting new changes happening at http://www.cprogramming.com . The webmaster and I have been working very hard, along with a couple others, to bring some great new features to the site. First of all wed like to formally announce the release of the first Code Journal, an e-mail news letter to be published twice a month by http://www.cprgoramming.com along with http://www.aihorizon.com/ . You can sign up to receive it at http://www.aihorizon.com/codejournal.htm or at http://www.cprogramming.com/codej.html ; it looks like it will be a great newsletter, I encourage all of you to sign up.

Second wed like to unveil the brand new Directory that has been added to CP.com. The Webmaster has worked very hard on making the directory as comprehensive as possible and is adding to it every day. We encourage all of you to register your programming web sites there.

Its amazing how cprogramming.com has grown over the years and the webmaster and I hope you enjoy the site and find it as useful as we do. With any luck these new additions will make the site more useful than ever.

(Feedback is welcome; please post responses on the General Discussions board)

Happy Coding,
Webmaster and Kermi3