View Full Version : Looking for a good mp3 player, here's what I'm looking at.

07-18-2006, 10:34 AM
I'm thinking about getting this one


20GB storage
1.7-inch OLED screen with 262,144 colors
FM tuner (oh yeah
Voice recorder
Syncs with Outlook for transfers


apple's out of the question due to expensive and poor sound quality.

I wouldn't mind one of those 8gb ones because the larger you get the more it is to manage, and I don't have 8gb worth of music that I would carry around anyway on my computer. I'm constantly clipping and don't mind managing, it's just that the smalelr ones cost around the same as the larger ones, so I go for the deal.

Plus the creative one doesn't use m3u playlists, nor does it support ogg.

07-18-2006, 11:12 AM
Go for the creative.

If you are looking for something with no frills and just plays music, look into the dells. I've had mine for 3 years and I have dropped it a lot.

07-18-2006, 01:12 PM
I think I'm going to go with the creative zen micro photo. It's gotten great reviews, the functionality seems actually better than it's bigger brothers, plus it has a replacable battery. I think this will do me good.

07-18-2006, 01:18 PM
They're both good (lets be honest), but I find the iRiver a tad chunky.

07-18-2006, 04:13 PM
I don't care what you guys say; I'm never giving in to the Dark Side!

Mario F.
07-18-2006, 04:25 PM
Syncs with Outlook for transfers

You gotta be joking to make that a requirement ;)

... you are joking, aren't you?

07-18-2006, 05:57 PM
I just highlighted everything on the list.

And those aren't requirements but features of that particular player.

07-19-2006, 01:01 AM
I've got a Zen Nano Plus and it's pretty darn good. Dropped it more times than I care to remember and it can do just about everything you could think of. Well most of them I'll never use, but it's nice to know the options are there.

07-19-2006, 07:15 AM
I'm also wondering, can the creative players like zen micro and stuff use the ipod programs and such? I don't really use the ipod service but my dad's thinking about getting a smaller one and he might get the one I have.

07-19-2006, 10:06 AM
I bought a 2GB iPod Nano, it has great sound quality and was actually the best priced player in that size (after student discount of course) at the time.

oh, and this was actually before I became a mac fanboy... so, there was no bias on that front :D

07-19-2006, 10:29 AM
student discount? I bought some software with student discount, didn't know they had mp3 players? Was this online or at your college or something?

07-19-2006, 10:43 AM
Apple gives all students discounts. I bought mine at my schools bookstore but you can also get the discount from the apple store. Its roughly 10% on all of their products.

07-19-2006, 07:59 PM
Yeah, right now if a student buys a Mac, they get a free iPod Nano! Or, they can use it to discount the iPod Video.

07-20-2006, 12:19 PM
I just got the zen microphoto orange one. That'll do.

07-20-2006, 11:01 PM
I have one of those iRivers. I find it very good, though I have not tried any of the others.

Comes standard with lots of stuff Apple considers extras.

Needs XP (MediaPlayer 10) to work though...

The headphones have already broken though, did not survive a trip around Thailand.

07-22-2006, 04:53 AM
It's prob a bit small for your wantings, but this looks pretty cool: