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12-31-2001, 11:47 AM

Long time no see. Some of you... And the rest of you - never. Has there been anything crucial while my vacation? Anyway, while I wish you new years take a peek at the C++ board...

But before that, blame me for cross-posting if you dare, show me the way to information about A* and line-of-sight algorithms (have been visiting @ google.com/search?q=line+of+sight thank you very much :-)

12-31-2001, 12:35 PM
wow kooma! long time no see indeed!!! lol, your posts per day must be like 1 e^-100 eh? :) are you staying this tyme? :) a lot's happened......

12-31-2001, 04:30 PM
My seven (total) isn't enough?

Anyway, what is this junior/senior member system? I would think that I would fall in that last category but no!

12-31-2001, 05:58 PM
Wow, kooma...! A VIP :)

What happened to you, anyhow? you totally killed off the CDB project!!

12-31-2001, 06:11 PM
yeah, you never replied.. :(

oh well, welcome back! :)

rick barclay
12-31-2001, 09:43 PM
Greetings, kooma. How is everything. What the heck have you been doing with yourself. You say you've been on vacation? That was one loooong vacation. So loong, you got demoted to junior member! Oh, well, stick around and get those posts up.

rick barclay

01-01-2002, 03:58 AM
I kinda felt that I was left alone with project... Sure some were willing to help, but I got the feeling that they're waiting orders or something. But hey, is there still room for something like that?

But to what didn't I replied ggs?

> So loong, you got demoted to junior member!

Do tell me what's the difference! Anyway, I feel like there's now plenty of useless stuff hanging here... I mean, what's with the good old smileys; :-) :-( 8-) :-o ;-) Though, I haven't yet find anybody who, being ........ed off, writes his/her message with caps AND bold...

01-02-2002, 11:10 AM
That's a really odd way of putting it (the subject) but Happy new Year to you too!