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04-02-2006, 03:58 AM
Check this out:

Ahhh....many fond gaming moments compiled in that DVD.

A must have for Command & Conquer fans.

I remember running landing a bunch of engineers in my buddies base while attacking from the other side. Ahh the cries of desperation heard down the dorm hall were ....um....so sweet.


How they sent all that data across modems and still ran the game at acceptable FPS is beyond me.

04-02-2006, 04:02 AM
I remember playing Tiberian Sun, I think that's one of the best.

04-02-2006, 06:47 AM
Being a CnC fan I'm already an owner of it.

I'm sad to say though it seems to have more bugs than the original. Especially Tiberian Sun crashes more frequently than the original I also possess. The fact that I can play Red Alert on my XP machine made it all worth the relatively cheap prize though!

04-02-2006, 08:20 AM
I got Red Alert arsenal to work by patching it and setting compat mode to Windows 98.

Tiberian Sun has a known bug with the Tiberium mouths or holes. If you destroy them the game will crash. There is a patch that addresses this issue as well as more crash-prone bugs in the release build.

Red Alert seems to be crash-prone when switching music. We used to completely disable it in online play for fear of crashes. I've only had it crash once with XP though and I just restarted the game and no issues.

04-02-2006, 08:37 AM
I've got the original Command and Conquer (with box), Red Alert Collector's Edition (with music CD in battered box, second hand) and Tib Sun big box. Also got RA2 + Yuri quad DVD box, but I'm thinking about letting that one go, EA did bad. :(

The only thing interests me about this new release is the video footage. That and the fact even though EA will sting you loads for it they haven't actually managed to fix most of the compatibility issues. :rolleyes:

04-02-2006, 10:38 AM
I had to have it the day it came out. :)
Is it just me, or did they switch some of the sidebar graphics in the original?

04-03-2006, 10:10 AM
I miss the original so much, that used to be my favourite PC game, played it all the time. Anyone know how to get it working on XP? last time i tried i failed miserably :(

04-03-2006, 10:30 AM
Anyone know how to get it working on XP? last time i tried i failed miserably :(
1) Buy CnC - First Decade
2) Install
3) Play

04-21-2006, 10:25 AM
1) Buy CnC - First Decade
2) Install
3) Play
Considering ive already got a copy of all of the command and conquer games, id rather not have to buy a new copy of them all, lol

04-21-2006, 11:38 AM
If you've got C&C Gold (Windows 95 native), it's as simple as seeking out the patch that replaces THIPX32.DLL with a dummy that prevents network play.