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12-24-2001, 08:00 PM
It's christmas eve, 8:50 PM (GMT -5), there are lots of people in the first floor of the house having fun, talking, or at least BEING there... But For some strange reason I'm up here writing this post, I find everything down there so boring! I'm supposed to be having fun and all, but I feel very empty down there, it's very strange because every christmas before this one, I have a good time, but as I said before, not this one.

I know that I won't get too many answers today (most of you are having fun :(), but I just wanted to tell you that, my question is: is it normal? I don't think so, because christmas is supposed to be a time for joy and love, but I am different, I am not enjoying this at all.

On the other side, I'm going on holiday next Thursday, all my family is very excited, but I'm not :(, I am acually more excited on making the Aurora project, and I would gladly sacrifice the trip to be able to stay here on my own programming.... I'm not saying anything because I don't want to ruin the excitement of my parents.

It's so sad I can't believe it myself! Have I changet that much in this year? if so, I don't enjoy my new self, What do I need to go back to where I was, or at least, start enjoying social life as I once did.

There are much much more things to say, but I'm afraid it would be very boring.

Don't answer if you do't want to, I just wanted to say this, and right now I'm a litthe more relieved.

back to life...


12-24-2001, 08:09 PM
my family's party is over with for the night, so I have my leisure time to chat with you...

Eh, it's not really abnormal...

that's all I can reallyt hink of saying right now :) I mean it's not TOO normal, but not exactly abnormal...what else you want me to say??

anyway, I'm not thinkign straight...I'm talking to the hottest girl right now...she moved in like 4th grade and I haven't seen her since...and now I'm tlaking to her again...yay!