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12-15-2001, 09:03 PM
i have a quirk about something... my burner had warning flags [which, thankfully can be disabled] about compliations with folder nestings of more than 8 levels, as well as 255 characters per path... this is quite annoying since i did get _that_ sloppy... [so many folders named Z_____ and PROG]... but wouldn't it have better made sense to have the CDFS and FAT16/32 file systems have the exact same specifications and, as such, limitations? to what extent will my disc be unreadable if i waive these warnings... i already burnt the cd, but for future backups i'll want to know... [and i will get lazy and sloppy with structure again, we all do...]

[i'll also want to remeber to check the Mode 2/XA so my other drive can read it... if it can... it's a, i don't know actually... it's a 36 speed though... so maybe the timeframe can help you with diagnosing whether or not it can read or should read Mode 1 burnt discs... have any of you ever experienced unreading problems when switching to a poly-cd-drive rig?]

much thanx...

12-15-2001, 09:22 PM
> FAT16/32

well... not everybody uses windows, and the iso filesystem has to have some special design.

I mean, the capabality to work in terms of multiple sessions, zero out previous files, etc. might introduce the need for a different system.

last time I got that bloody error, I couldn't read the cd anywhere else :( but it might have just been a bad burn. to avoid the risk, I just zip everything up before burning it - as long as it's an archive, and more often for a other things too.

yeah, organizing your files sucks, but hey we all got to do it sometimes :)


I have a multiple cd drive system, and sometimes the non-burner will start blinking it's light as though possessed and the system will freeze up. not really relevant, but hey :D

12-15-2001, 09:32 PM
address to ggs: what i ended up doing was just burning the whole mess... without trying to organize it... [i did delete a few zip expansions, hope i got em all...]

address to all: continue; i still need advice for everything, thanks alot...