View Full Version : Google's Summer of Code...

06-02-2005, 04:47 PM
4500$ for students to program open-source stuff.

Information at:

06-03-2005, 01:53 AM
Interesting... Let's give this some thought!
Any opinions on the event? Who of you will participate?

06-03-2005, 02:07 AM
It seems great, but there are a few issues I have with it.

1. Everyone seems to want you to program in their exotic scripting language. Doesn't anyone program "properly" any more? :(

2. Unless you've actually looked at the CVSes for these projects, you're wasting your time. It'll take you a month or two just to figure out what does what.

3. The Linux bias. Okay, so it's always gonna be there, but when you're offering money to such a broad demographic, wouldn't it help to throw in a few Win32 opportunities that don't involve playing around with a widget toolkit? Microsoft already wrote the best one for that OS, it's called "the API". :rolleyes:

06-03-2005, 12:52 PM
I wish I had the time this summer. I think it's a great move by Google. It'd be nice if Universities followed suit.

06-12-2005, 09:33 PM
This interests me a lot.

What kind of oringinal ideas can we use? I mean, what types of projects can I make on my own? As others have said, I don't really feel up to the task of learning some other scripting lang or whatever, but would like to do some stuff with C/C++ and maybe get some cash for it. I actually have an internship at a software security company, I bet if I talk to some of my mentor ppl there they could have some ideas.