View Full Version : The Story Of Pong (my game cookie)

Jeremy G
05-16-2005, 11:14 PM
I'm making a pong clone tonight cause I'm extremly bored, so I decided to add a special cookie for the patient players. I'm not sure how I will present it, but I created the "Story of Pong".

I'm so happy with it, I decided to let you all get a sneek peek at it with out even haven played the game yet. Comments are always welcomed of course.

Once upon a time in galaxy not quite wholly unlike our own in no way but one, there existed a solar system of peculiar chance.

Two planetoid bodies host to sentient life forms, rotated inversely about the central star such that the opposing planet, or its’ inhabitants knew of each others’ existence. The two planets were named in their inhabitants’ native languages. They were known as Terus Quantum and Terus Newton, respectively. Astonishingly enough, or not quite so, both names were in equivalency to each other—roughly translated as "Planet Other" in a third completely irrelevant language.

Also, in another surprising turn of chance, destiny or stupid dumb luck, there was a third
Planet entirely uninteresting except for its' perpendicular orbit about the central star, making it equidistant to either inhabited planets at all time.

It so turned out that this planetoid's perpendicular orbit had peeked the curiosity of both Terus Quantum and Terus Newton, who in the midst of the third technological revolutions launched Terus Seeker and Terus Finder, respectively, to scout the planet in search of anything interesting and of course to lay claim to the planet. While surveying the third planetoid, to which we will refer to as mars (no relation to the black planet in the back water galaxy of tangerine), were operating in backwards mode, trying to get what no one ever really noticed to be a surprisingly symmetrical mountain range, and bumped into each other disabling their moving gears. Terus Finder and Terus Seeker communicated their technical difficulties back to their home planets, after which commenced to do a panoramic view of the landscape to look for the cause of the malfunction. With great artificially programmed surprise (which neither Terus Quantum, or Terus Newton knew why they added AI surprise programming to the rovers) greeted each other warmly and displayed each planets hello message (which was added quite purposely incase sentient life had been found on mars).

Unfortunately both planets’ engineers, who happened to be the only profession left on either planet since the second technological advancement, were terribly angered that the other planet’s explorer had crashed into theirs. War was immediately declared by either Terus Quantum and Terus Newton.

Work began after a brief lunch on Terus Newton to build the ultimate weapon to destroy the putrid peoples of Terus Quantum. Conversely, work began after a short nap on Terus Quantum the ultimate defense system to protect them from the ugly peoples of Terus Newton.

After twenty-four long lunar months on Mars, the two rovers had gotten to know each other, procreated recursively several times and started a new robot colony and was celebrating the second anniversary of the great crash. The two warring planets were also celebrating their creations. Terus Newton launched its’ Ultimate Electromagnetic Death Ball of Destruction. Terus Quantum launched its’ Ultimate Magnoelectric Field Deflector of Defense.

The planetoids queried their rovers on Mars for images of impending doom, and impending failure (respectively of course) who gleefully responded of shier boredom—not on any kind of loyalty system as wonderfully enough neither planet had had the sense to incorporate such logic into their rovers. Shocked by the inventions of the opposing planets, they each begun work on the others creation for their own benefit. It wasn’t before long, that Terus Quantum and Terus Newton were launching constant volleys at each other, only to be deflected haphazardly into space. The war proceeded to last many decades, but due to an uneventful lack of casualties had been dubbed by a passing Wogon ship as The Pong Conflict, “pong” roughly translates to “entirely uneventful” in that third irrelevant language mentioned before.

A century passed and the conflict was still erupt as it was when it first began when a wholly tragic (considered by most of the common intellectual universe) event occurred. One of the haphazardly deflected volleys had collided with Mars and destroyed half of the robot rover civilization—truly a sad loss in the history of the universe. In immediate and entirely justified retaliation, Marse launched a nuclear assault on both Terus Quantum and Terus Newton which was never deflected due to the use of a rubber acrylic discovered and mined on Mars. The Newtonians and the Quantumites were obliterated. By chance, another Wogon ship had been passing by the solar system and dubbed the event “The End Game”, roughly translated to the end of a conflict.

In memory of the beloved Martians, The Pong Conflict was converted to a popular low technology digital video game (so even lesser species could learn from it) and distributed through out the galaxies to all developing technological societies.