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01-26-2005, 05:06 PM
OK, this is messed up, I've actived windows on my new puter that I just built, but now every time I boot up, it says I need to reactivate, I click ok to say I want to activate my windows, and then when the window pops up it says "Your windows is already activated"


*looks again*


Anyone else have this problem or know of a solution? I'm down to 5 days left and I'm just downloading the free XP Pro x64 trial....hrmk

01-26-2005, 05:15 PM
Picture of what shows up every time I click that stupid balloon.

01-26-2005, 05:53 PM
Has this copy of Windows been installed on any other PCs?

01-26-2005, 06:16 PM
It was installed on my laptop, but that died.....I can't really "unactivate" it, and there's no way I'm shelling out $100+ for another xp copy, blegh.

01-26-2005, 09:14 PM
Did it again just now...seems to go off every 4 hours now, gah

01-27-2005, 05:47 AM
Did you have an OEM licence for your laptop? Did you buy it with Windows XP installed?

01-27-2005, 08:16 AM
Call MS. They will have a way around it. Short of that, you're probably stuck.

01-27-2005, 12:36 PM
Ten to one says the way around it is to buy a new activation key. Same thing happened to one of my instructors.

01-27-2005, 03:41 PM
Ten to one says the way around it is to buy a new activation key. Same thing happened to one of my instructors. and spend money on something you already have? now i see why people with intention to pay for ms software pirate them.
and doesnt the ms tech support cost money? or does it not apply in a time like this?

01-27-2005, 04:06 PM
never heard of it costing money

01-27-2005, 05:41 PM
Well, I got the windows xp x64 pro demo thing....and, well, how NICE of them to tell me that if I put the cd in my computer, without telling me, it would erase the partitions on my hard drive! yay! So now I've had to reformat my 200gb hard drive :mad: and I've just reinstalled xp now.....and then upgraded to SP 2, then the thing popped up again asking me to activate my puter, and this time it actually let me activate it. So, instead of doing the over the internet one I did the by-the-phone one, and it told me with the first number that it was invalid, cuz I guess the automatically generated number was the one for my laptop (It's based on your hardware specs isn't it?). So I asked it to give me a new number, typed the number on the back of my laptop, and voila! registered! And now I've lost all my stuff! wheee!

01-27-2005, 05:43 PM
Awhile ago I had activation problems because I installed a new motherboard and processor. It said I had to reactivate but unfortunately the activation code wasn't working at all. I called up tech support and they gave me a new code instantly with no questions asked, no charge, and everything worked fine. Not exactly the same problem as yours but close, I'd suggest calling them up.

[edit] I see you posted same time as me. Ouch, that sucks man.