View Full Version : NGenerator - a simple class generator

12-03-2004, 06:33 PM
I am looking for anyone who knows a bit about .NET programming to contribute code generators for some common programming languages for the NGenerator (http://ngenerator.sourceforge.net/) project.

NGenerator is a simple visual class designer that allows developers to create and organize their classes quickly, and then to generate a skeleton for their code. It's goal is to reduce time and to make it easier to develop the business logic behind applications.

Currently it generates code in C#, but as it uses reflection it is very easy to create new code generators for any language. I would appreciate it if people would be willing to create generators for languages like VB.NET, C++, Managed C++, Java or Python.

If you are interested, please email me or post on the forums at the home page.

Note: I realize this is predominately a C/C++ board, but I recognise there is a C# board and thus there must be a few C# developers here. Also, code generators can be in any .NET language, so you are free to use Managed C++ or VB.NET to create them. And while this tool is created using .NET, it will be able to generate code in many languages, and thus will be a tool for nearly all developers.

Yours truly,

Paul Stovell