View Full Version : Adventurers and Outlaws and new Demo

11-07-2004, 05:06 AM
Hey all, I just got finished doing housecleaning for Adventurers and Outlaws (that RPG-type game I made for the competition a few months back). I've cleaned up a lot of things, including the font, making it show the town names, and also making the pirates not constantly barrage your weakest pirates, usually making them become expensive cannon fodder. So if anyone who liked Adventurers and Outlaws the first time wants to, they can get the cleaner, updated version at my site by following this link:


Also, on another note, I made a demo last week and was wondering if I could get some feedback on it, maybe stuff to add etc...It's a 120 second demo featuring particle engines, synchronized music, full screen blurring effects, and a terrain engine with collision detection and rudimentary ball physics to show the terrain engine's collision detection in action.

The demo can be found here:

So I'm basically just looking for feedback on the demo if you wouldn't mind checking it out. There's a couple little glitches in the demo that I'm going to try and iron out (notably the song jump in part two so that I can leave out about 30 seconds of repetitive music...but it's kinda a bad skip, and also the glitchy camera movements in the terrain engine).

Note: These files are big, Adventurers and Outlaws is 17.78 megs, and the demo is 27.13megs. This is mainly because of the music...so anyone with 56k....it'll be a while to download these.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.