View Full Version : PHP CVS System?

08-24-2004, 02:52 PM
I just recently got that tortoise SVS thing installed on my laptop, works like a charm, but I'm looking for a CVS system that I could possibly install on to my website that would work with php (+sql if necessary).

I've seen one and used one in the past, but I have no idea what it was called, as the site that I used it on no longer exists...heh

And yah, I've already googled a little bit, but most of the ones i've found have been just server/client CVS Systems, and I'm looking for one that will operate just off of php.

Worst comes to worst I'll just make one myself I guess, heh

Jeremy G
08-24-2004, 05:29 PM
I've actually been considering making a cvs type of php script using mysql and php. I was thinking of having the following setup for the tables
members (list of users to php cvs)
id, name, (other info about users that might be important)

access_table (list of what access level a user has in a number of different areas. so like a user can have full access to all files in say the application folder and only have general level access to 3d math library folder)
member id, section id, access level

folder_table (list of folders in the repository and what access level of folder is required)
folder id, access level, folder descriptions, folder file list table foriegn key, access update log foriegn key

file_table (list of files in the repository, a long with foriegn key links that identify their location in the repositiory)
file id, folder id, access update log foriegn key id

log_table(this houses all the information about when ever file or folder was accessed, viewed, updated, created or deleted for every user. When a user wants to see the log of a file or folder it uses the file or folders foreign key to search for all the rows in this table and displays them by what ever filter wanted) description can/is given by users to describe what they did or why
log id, foriegn key id, event type id, date, user, description given by user about event

event_table (used to catagorize event times, create/update/delete/move/view/download etc)
event id, event name

Maybe some of these ideas can help you create your own more specialized cvs.