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07-15-2004, 08:20 PM
The Masters of Doom.

This book has been an amazing inspiration to me. It tells of the story of ID software, the creators of first person shooters on the pc. They made popular game titles such as Commander Keen, Wolfenstien 3-D,
Doom and quake. It's basically a biography of the infamous John Carmack and John Romero (a.k.a the two Johns). The sacrifices that the two Johns had to make were amazing. I honestly had my doubts about going into a gamming career. Reading this book verified many things for me.

Carmack is my hero in this book. He is the most hardcore programmer I have ever heard of. As of now I see my self as Ramero....playing more rather than coding. Its amazing to read this book and see how day after day they continued to acheive something that not many people could follow through with. The reading about how the entire ID company came to be is amazing as well. Its not a bland office, applications given out or even uniforms in a nice office down town! These guys started in an apartment building filling their selves up with pizza, diet coke, crude jokes and paper fights. Sleepless nights, destruction of computer equipment and vulgar language.....these are REAL people! I suggest any one who is into gamming to go out and buy this book. I read a lot of science fiction and I must say its the best book I have ever read, which surprised me because I was never a big fan of fiction.

Masters of Doom. Awesome book, go buy it now!

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great job reality fusion, couldn't you post it in the book thread that was started recently? you had to have your own thread didn't ya? huh?

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Book thread?!?!? Sorry I guess I just missed it. Didn't mean to offend anyone.

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>>Didn't mean to offend anyone.
you didn't mean to but you offended govtcheez....and he is ........ed off. He might even ban you. why? you ask - well because he can.

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What I don't understand is that if govtcheez even cares why hasn't he posted or done anything yet?

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