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07-11-2004, 11:48 PM
This page is not designed to look great, its designed to give information! With that said I will say what I intended to. I apologize for the semi rude introduction, but lets face it in today’s world the first look makes a person's judgment. For many years I have tried to make my own PC games, but failed after every attempt. It took me over two years to realize that one person can not do it all. No matter how good you think you are you can not make a great PC game alone. I have intentions of learning C++ and Java, but I am a fairly decent writer. I also have a lot of game ideas, and began writing some scripts! I also have a mentor with a professional title. My English professor has agreed to help out for all written documents. I have created GDU Studio (Game Developers United Studio) to gather a large group of people who share the same interests. There is no direct profit related to this studio. All of our games created would be under a public license type deal. If we become very successful all of our members can take a vote if we should go commercial or not. To give people a good idea of what kind of skills are welcomed here at GDU Studio I have composed a short list below:

Web Developers (PHP, ASP, HTML, CSS, XML, JAVA, Graphics, Flash...etc)

C++/VC++ Developers

3D Modelers/Animators

Anyone else is welcomed too! Just send an email if you want to join.

I know that I have violated a lot of grammar and such but I wanted to keep it simple, and plain english! Just send me an email if you are interested so that we can talk one on one via a messenger. That way we can start talking and slowly as more and more people join we will actually become a fully functional team.

The email to contact me at: pilotoftheusa@sbcglobal.net

Thanks very much for the friendly thought of reading this through.

07-13-2004, 10:30 PM
GDU Studio

About GDU Studio

GDU Studio is a small team based studio that conducts all operations over the net, telephone, instant messengers, and other means. Currently with plans to move into St. Charles, IL and launch full-time production operations! We really enjoy the challenge and of course the profits that will come from this challenge. The studio represented by me is in search of gifted and very talented individuals.

Tasks to be filled:

Intense networking




The ability to program a graphically intense MMORPG.

Program via the Torque Game Engine and other various resources.

Job Requirements

You must have past work to show us an example of you’re capabilities.

No college degree necessary!

Just show us that you have what it takes, and that you have the capabilities of producing great work.

Sign an exchange of information agreement.

Sign an employment contract.

The ability to work 15 – 20 hours a week.

Payment Information

This is a paying occupation!

You get, 2 dollars per subscriber per month.

You also get 10 dollars for each person who subscribes. (One time payment per subscriber)

Payment Example:

1st Month with 350 users: 350 x $2.00 = $700.00 USD

350 users x $10.00 = $3,500 USD

A total of: $4,200 USD

(Payment Plan based for current project. Project may not be released at this point for security reasons.)

If interested please contact me in one of several ways listed below:

AIM: PilotoftheUSA
MSN: PilotoftheUSA@hotmail.com
Email: pilotoftheusa@sbcglobal.net