View Full Version : this REALLY sucks

05-29-2004, 09:21 PM

wow this sucks....if the storm is gone before anyone gets to see it, here's a pic:

I live in sioux falls, and i posted this at 10:20PM Central time.....in case anyone's wondering

05-29-2004, 09:25 PM
i guess that yellow means severe weather?

05-29-2004, 09:28 PM
problem is that it's spinning......and heading right towards sioux falls

05-29-2004, 09:29 PM
so its rotating that the really severe(red) will be under you, and its heading north, so my guess is that you are going to be in the direct center of the red. wow, head for the hills man.

05-29-2004, 09:43 PM

you should come to Houston. we get some pretty severe weather pretty regularly.

05-29-2004, 09:57 PM
stop being a baby and climb up on the roof for good footage.

05-29-2004, 10:12 PM
lol, i actually got some footage of it earlier, but there's big trees all around my house so i can only see the tops of the clouds

I believe the storms already gone anyways, so now worries anymore

05-29-2004, 10:49 PM
get on the roof anyway

Zach L.
05-30-2004, 08:46 AM
Hmm.... Nice flying weather. :rolleyes:

05-30-2004, 11:51 AM
I like it when it storms really hard. I hate it when it kinda storms, I like it to where it pumps your adrenaline. That stuff should be headed here soon (I'm in TN)

Glirk Dient
05-30-2004, 03:57 PM
Wow, wish it was a lil more in my direction...we got some dark clouds but nothing cool. I live in Maple Grove MN, so it's not too far away, just wish I could drive there haha.

I like bad weather, and we don't get much of it. The only time we got bad weather recently I was workin at the theater so we had to go and get everyone out of the theaters and into the halls heh...I didn't get to go outside...basically managers were freaking out and I was standing there looking out the big window and watching stuff blow around, oh well. Knowing Minnesota that's the worst we will get this summer, unfortunately.

05-30-2004, 07:59 PM
I love storms and am a hobbyist tornado chaser. That storm looks like a localized supercell. The colors represent cloud temps or rainfall precip amounts depending on radar mode. Most likely it is cloud temps with red's being the highest. The supercell develops when upper level winds tilt the normal downdrafts away from the updrafts...thus causing the thing to build up and up till it crests near the altitude of the upper level winds. Winds begin to develop in the clouds and form horizontal tubes. When those tubes tilt to the vertical then you have your tornado. Supercells are normally storms that rotate around a central point - not just one area of rotation..the whole storm rotates. When they spawn tornadoes...they are long lasting and very dangerous.

Tornadoes normally happen at the southwest edge of a storm and judging from that pic...I don't see any hook echoes or rotational areas in the key areas. The bow on the front of the storm does indicate very high winds at that point...the winds are pushing the storm outwards thus causing it to expand and combined with the velocity of the storm...this produces that bow-like appearance. It also looks like that storm has developed along a frontal boundary to the east which means that much better weather is behind it. It looks like a cold front storm to me but I could be wrong as warm fronts can also develop severe storms....just not as frequently.

Nice storm though. My tornado season has been boring here in the Midwest - everything is going up north.

For more info www.weather.com....look (http://www.weather.com....look/) up tornadoes.

Zach L.
05-30-2004, 08:52 PM
Mmm... Microburst wind-shear, a large region of icing, cloud tops probably above 45 thousand MSL, hail danger. Good stuff.

In NM, we generally get ridiculously high winds (mostly from NW this time of year), and large thunderstorms that never quite reach the heavy downdraft stage until they pass by (that is, very little rain from them). Tornadoes ocassionally pop up, but they are fairly rare (at least anywhere near populated areas).

05-31-2004, 12:46 AM
I love bad weather... when it gets really bad my girlfirend and I go outside and jump in puddles and stuff... I'll probably get struck by lightning eventually because I always hug a lightpole when we're in a parking lot... even though I've never seen them hit by lightning...