View Full Version : Member places for posting extenal resources

04-07-2004, 02:00 AM
The idea of a sticky on each board either pointing to a comprehensive site or a list (maintained for clarity) relating to member suggestions on sites that contain information on related each area of discussion would be very much appreciated, as in the case of (i think) RoD's thread somewhere (*cry* i cant find it) relating to external sources that are recommended by experienced users of the boards as a "okay you have a compiler and can create use manipulate functions/classes" wanna learn more look here for inspiration place to start...
I do realise that various people work on differing areas so somewhere to submit and be user verified would be great.
Hopefully this could be eventually incorperated into the main site as a self help feature. I value everybodys input but i want to thoroughly exaust every resource i can before i start annoying people with code related problems.
If its already been made why should someone have to repeat it?
Afterwards coding style and techniques could be brushed up on by more experienced coders pointing out the mistakes we make but can not see.
Just asking to see what everyone including the moderators think.

OKAY im prepared to be flamed now.

but if you cant help yourself how can you ever help others?