View Full Version : Ohh, how my (air)head hurts!

rick barclay
11-11-2001, 06:16 AM
I was giddy and happy last night for reasons most of you
need no explanation as to why. Well, in my giddiness I made
a post here which was cruel and in particularly bad raste.
My only explanation is that it was early in the AM when I posted
and I was not thinking clearly at all, having been awake
for all but a couple of the preceeding 24-hours.

I hope Oskillian and Michelle will forgive me as time wears
away the bad memory of what I have done to their good names
and my own. My sincerest apologies.

With all respect and pleading,

rick barclay

And to the moderators: please close this thread immediately.
I didn't post this to stir debate--only to apologize.