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12-05-2003, 08:01 AM
I was thinking how larger can you get?

Will it ever end, can we expect to see any other software manufacturers finally get into the mainstream and not just server business?

Can we expect Microsoft to take over the world?

WIll Microsoft possibly expand into the car industry (Microsoft Mustang GT, sounds cool)

Or will Microsoft take over the world and make one big nation, The United Countries of Microsoft.

Sounds silly.

12-05-2003, 08:34 AM
AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! STOP IT. Every freakin thread you make has a poll!!

12-05-2003, 08:34 AM
They're not even good polls! THey suck!

12-05-2003, 09:01 AM
No, how do you really feel ober5861?

12-05-2003, 09:15 AM
:p Sorry... I was getting a little fired up there ;)

I just don't think every thread needs to be a poll... especially if it is a bad poll. This has no value to the general community here... normally I don't care what people post here, but it's just getting ridiculous. No one even cares about this, I'm sure of it.

12-05-2003, 09:25 AM
David's predictions:

First, it will move into the automotive industry.
Then it will take over the world.
Finally, after many years, it will come to an end.

12-05-2003, 09:33 AM
I think this is one of my best polls ever, if you don't (ober5861) ignore it!

I'm pretty sure that some people want to know others oponion about the future of microsoft, and 'till this moment I have never seen a poll on this topic.

Jeremy G
12-05-2003, 09:38 AM
Originally posted by Liger86
(Microsoft Mustang GT, sounds cool)

You would stall at every intersection.
And when you got into a reck, the windshield would become a strange blue tint, with some sort of wierd white textual message about the crash..

Oh, yeah, thats a GREAT idea.

12-05-2003, 09:41 AM
You would stall at every intersection.

What are you talking about? That after your windshiled crashes it will urn into an transpearent plue screen of death?

Now I don't make any sence.

12-05-2003, 10:01 AM
It'll eventually get split into smaller pieces, as all ginormous companies do.

And this poll sucks. Stop posting for awhile.