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11-29-2003, 12:56 PM
Anyone know of a way to setup a login script on a debian machine? I just want to put some of the commands I find myself exectuting everytime I login in the script. Example would be using alias to change ls to ls --color.

Oh and I finally figured out how to properly assign mod access to directories

11-29-2003, 01:05 PM
dont you put it in the .bashrc file in the home directory.
I think it's hiddin, but I don't know about debian.

11-29-2003, 01:54 PM
Thanks for the tip. From there I was able to figure out that I needed to change .bash_profile to include .bashrc (had to uncomment 3 lines).

Got it working, thanks :)

11-30-2003, 09:20 AM
another choice ;)

`.bashrc' script is for specific users.
'/etc/rc.d/rc.local' script is for all users.

12-02-2003, 08:14 PM
I guess I should be more active in these forums:)
You could also edit your /etc/conf.d/local.start
Not every distrobution has the rc scripts ex: Gentoo:cool: