View Full Version : After 2 months of inactivity

10-02-2003, 11:04 AM
I just want to let you ppl know that im Still alive
-- for those who dont know--
Im the one who went to nigeria for 1 year...

I must say that since i left there has been some major changes to the site, altough it looks nicer .

And one other thing there was this guy who told me not to take the Lariam drug because of the mefloquinum inside it.... ( i forgot his name) anyway ive been taking the drug for 2 months now and i still dont have any side-effects, the only problem i have is that i already have a fever for 50 days now.... Ive been to 4 or 5 doctors now anbd the drugs they give they dont work, i hope the guy where im talking about reads this (Pm me and give me advice).
Because the doctors here are not what they are in Belgium... And im just getting tired of walking around with 38.6 degrees Celcius 24/7.

I really hope the guy reads this post because i dunno what to do because the doctors are like newbies in their bussiness (thats what i think about it since they cant help me).