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07-26-2003, 04:28 AM
As some of you might know ill be leaving to Africa (Nigeria) in a couple of days (next Tuesday).
Just wanna say goodbye because ill be there for a year and i dont think ill have much of an opportunity to get across this board. Also i wont be able to code for a whole year, i just hope i dont forget too much of everything...
And yeah i wanna thank you all, you cant imagine how my coding skills improved since i first visited this board....

@Bubba: you will have to wait for that game i mentioned earlier (i was tired of it+ i had alot of things to take care of lately)

So i guess this is it
:( now im getting sentimental :d so im off.

C you all in a year hopefully with the same mods, and with the same funky ppl like ethic :p.

07-26-2003, 07:41 AM
Laters, have fun :)

07-26-2003, 10:16 AM
Cya in a year... but I think that it was me that wanted to see the game, not Bubba :) Pong, correct?

07-26-2003, 10:21 AM
right Blackrat.... well when i created the thread i was only awake for 1 hour and i only slept 4 hours this night because right now its ganglylamb@party-mode 24/7 :d.

07-26-2003, 10:33 AM
Don't leave without your goodbye kiss!

07-26-2003, 10:56 AM
I hear Nigeria is a nice place to visit. I would love to visit Africa sometime myself.

well, Have fun!

07-26-2003, 02:05 PM
enjoy :D

i'm sure it will be a great experience.

07-27-2003, 02:43 AM
Can I come w/ you? :D


07-27-2003, 03:59 AM
I hear Nigeria is a nice place to visit.

I've heard of alot of people that the food is really bad overthere, always the same and almost no meat (just beans ...), and they also dont have patatoes, vegetables are unknown overthere they have only 1 vegetable...
But i'll survive that!

The only harsh thing to get was my visa permit, it took me 4 times to the embassy, 2 times to the ministery of foreign services ( correct word?!). And the price was ridiculous high with every thing included it costed about 500 dollars (translation-legalisation of documents who where translated, courthouse to legislate some signatures and stamps, ministery of foreign things, and then the visa itself....

But i think it is gonna be worth all the trouble ive been trough to get all my papers.

I should arrive there Tuesday at 16:15 ....

From then on i get 2 weeks a brief explanation of culture,habbits, language (yoruba), and how to buy goods at the black market :p.
After that im gonna be a teacher (teaching music, computer lessons-although theres only one computer for the whole school :(, dancing, and going on excursion with the kids + do some administrative work....)

It'll be fun, except for the fact that im going to miss my home, my friends, the western comfort etc...). I already start to miss it now and i havent left yet...strange but true, just because i know that i wont see all my friends for about 11-12 months...

Anyway im off, gonna pack my bags because im only allowed to carry 20 kilos, and ive already got 12 without all my clothes :s.... think im gonna put all the heavy things in my handluggage ;-).

Laterz (prolly next year unless i find the time and internetbar to surf the net for some time..)


07-27-2003, 04:16 AM
The national sport in Nigeria is corruption. Watch out, they'll try to sting you at every opportunity. Places like Ghana and Cameroon are much more pleasant, (I would happily move to Ghana). Food in most African countries is fine, it may not be the same as you are used to, but that can be a positive experience.

07-27-2003, 05:35 AM
Yeah ive heard that too, a friend of me also was there for a year and he said that if id be teaching in the same school as he did then i would definetely meet this dude who says he has big plans etc... in the end its a leech who keeps asking for money, nice ppl but they know that a white man has money, and the only white they know are the ppl from the embassy and from multinationals like Shell etc....

And these white ppl they lock themselves up, they have there own supermarket, bank, security etc... in Lagos they have a small village in the big city...

My friend also told me that if they see a white person they start shouting oyiba!!, oyiba!! (wich means whit man ,white man).
They dont do that as an offence, they're just wondering why a white man does in nigeria on the street and not in some fancy house secured by walls and fences....

Just said goodbye to a girl who means so much to me....:(
I cant help it but suddenly the song where this dude always sings: "Its times like this you learn to live again" keeps playing in my head.

07-27-2003, 10:45 PM
Hope you enjoy it!!!

07-27-2003, 10:46 PM
>> and with the same funky ppl like ethic
He's gone.

07-28-2003, 01:41 AM
He's gone?.? Where he went to?

07-28-2003, 01:58 AM
>>> He's gone?.? Where he went to?


07-28-2003, 05:23 PM
Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your time there! :)