View Full Version : Band Camp (Week 1)

07-19-2003, 06:02 PM
Now that I'm finally home, I can't get off of the computer. I missed you, my old buddy! One more week of drill instructors and percussion instructors yelling down my throat every time I don't bounce the legato strokes enough, when I bounce them too much, and when my head moves from the left position. We haven't even started marching with instruments on yet, we've just been doing drills on marching, but next week we start carrying the instruments while marching. My arms have picked up a red color that doesn't seem like will go away soon, and at the end of every day my fingertips have swelled up.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm having a lot of fun. I have always enjoyed playing band, in all forms. I just hate having to play with other percussionists. I do 150% better when I play solo. I also hate having to do things just perfectly like the instructors say so. I know it is for getting good marks in competitions, but I just can't wait until I get my band going. We are going to be one of those bands that will play even if nobody wants to listen, and everyone hates us. Heck, I don't think we'll ever get past playing in a barn. We might make casette tape recordings and stuff, but nothing more.

07-19-2003, 07:38 PM
haha! You have to have band camp!!! ha!

oh, wait... so do i...oh spit...